Oddities II contd.

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Posted by Butch on December 11, 2000 at 09:06:05:

An irish wolfhound named "Finn" r.i.p. bequeathed to his wife by a westport landowner. He arrived home one night to find this gigantic canine stretched out in front of the living room fire. Finn was in his prime, as he integrated into family life and became the guardian and friend of my brother's five children James, Sinead ,Paul ,Stephanie,and Vannessa. It is said that he was telepathic, Joseph says he would think! about taking the dog for a walk and the dog would bring him his boots. The dog was so big that he could knock over a pony ,he would rip the wood out of the front door trying to get in, that door frame replacements were commonplace . He didn't bark so much as he boomed and put the fear of Cuchuailan into those that met his disapproval. The cat, wasn't street wise, and in the vein of brotherly love decided to join Finn for lunch and the dog promptly took his head off !!. Paddy Crosby didn't think that was a funny incident to relate either. There was a rock concert being held at Rahens woods that following summer , Paul and Vannessa decided to cash in on the event and bought a load of coca cola to sell for a profit, as it was a particularly hot day for the west, sales were good. Sometime during the after noon Paul excused himself to go to the bathroom and left Vannessa in charge of the stall, it was then that one of her customers decided to stiff her on the bill and she called Finn for help , The dog whose sense of hearing was uncanny, came bounding out from the back of the house ,the delinquent rocker was frozen to his feet as his world was filled with the sight of this massive creature bearing down upon him, He hurriedly turned over his money and beat a quick retreat to the safety of Rahens woods . The amplified sounds that would soon batter his ear drums would pale in comparison to the voluminous bark of an irish wolfhound that circled endlessly inside his brain. Later that night, my brother was restless, unable to sleep, he got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of milk, taking the glass, in the dark, went into the living room to look out the front window , as the summer moon lit up the land below, his mind drifting, perhaps lamenting the fact that the serenity of the irish countryside had been racked by the raucous squealing of electric steel , is it any wonder, the signature sound of our beloved corncrake no longer echoes over our midsummers days fields. Suddenly! , woken out of his reverie by the sight of a late returning concertgoer climbing over the high end of the wall into his lawn by the trees there, you know, the intruder starts to take down his pants under cover of the pines , ergo, to commence evacuation of his bowels , now it's debatable whether or not by the time Joseph had said "Finn" gotten the front door open before the dog went through it, that the citizen had not finished his business and left odoriferous evidence of his presence and on his person before he made flight over the same wall he climbed just moments before ,and was last seen heading towards Blackfort at many miles per hour with the moon reflecting off his arse ,reliable witness's later stated for this paper "The Newport Road Daily! Blah" that the words "Mad Max" were written on his teashirt . In any event he was, were he didn't belong .

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