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'Wrapping destroyers': Solution.

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Posted by Andy Rooney on December 25, 2003 at 06:24:51:

You know folkes I have to be honest. I hate wrapping presents. I simply don't have the aptituide or the inclination for it. I invariably will downsize the amount of paper and leave a gaping hole which now has to be spliced. Then I can never get that geometric symmetry in the folding process,and have to squish the paper so nobody can see, and make sure the best side faces upwards. I will forget to buy Christmass decorative tape and band-aid the rolled up mess with cheap scotch tape. There are people who are adept at making a wrapped present a virtual work of art. With fancy bows,perfect triangles neatly folded,and set off with linen line wrap interwoven with silver and gold thread. A beautifull presentation requiring patience and a flair for the cosmetic. Might take a half an hour to create such a delightfull item and weeks before several gifts maybe compleated. Yet on Christmass morn as the family gathers around to distribute their generosity, it dos't seem to bother any one that when the recipient recieves THEIR present they first all shake the box to determine what's inside and then,in a greedy frenzy rip the all the wrapping off the box in seconds ,frothing at the mouth, they tear the beauty apart discard the debris aside and feign surprise and joy at the pair of socks "That Me Mother Gave To Me". The solution: "The Christmass Bag" efficient, mobile ,re-usable. Drop the gift in the bag, sign the card and Bob's your Uncle.Now the recipient has a bag to carry their Gucci leather jacket home with them and use it again the folowing year in reverse and so on ad infinitem.Saving energy, trees, and do re me's. Merry Christmass all of ye's.

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