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Staball / Thomas Street - July 2004
By Green n Red Forever
5, Aug 2004 - 13:17

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I took these photos on the day of the Connacht Football Final.

Staball in full bloom - in the Mayo colours too !

The plantings on Staball Hill looked fantastic and it looked as if they were celebrating the Mayo team's big win too.

In the first photo we are looking up Staball Hill / Thomas Street and you can see from the photo there are still a great number of the old town houses still in existance.

Looking down the hill towards Rush Street.

However as you look down the hill you can see the approaching commercialisation . . . most of the buildings are turning into two storey dwellings with shops or office space on the ground floor.

I wonder how long it will be before the hill becomes two storey structures all the way to the top ?

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