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Return to the Land of Youth
By Bernie Byron
1, Dec 2012 - 22:04

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Folk Art Before Exhibition Coming To An End In The National Museum Of Ireland - Country Life

Return to the Land of Youth: The folk art paintings of Seán Ó Séadhacháin (1901-1991)

Now in its last 2 weeks, the "Return to the Land of Youth" exhibition in the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life, Turlough Park, Castlebar has very successfully brought folk art to the attention of many people for the first time.

The exhibition features the folk art paintings of Seán Ó Séadhacháin (1901-1991). The paintings, which are displayed in a non-conserved state, will appeal to anyone interested in Irish history and in folk or ‘outsider' art. There is a sombre tone to the colour palette which powerfully conveys the very bog and soil and hues of the pre-electric house interior. Individuals emerge occasionally and tools and artefacts are often shown with precision. The whole collection is a virtual folk art representation of the great ‘canons' of Irish folklife - but in an appealing and unconventional way.

Come along to enjoy this lovely exhibition before it ends on Sunday 09 December 2012.

Caption for attached image: An Túirne Olna (The Wool-Spinning Wheel). The woman is spinning at a big wheel which was worked while standing. Using a spinning wheel, a spinner could twist wool fibres into a single continuous thread.


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