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Advertising with had over 3.4 million 'hits' and over 1.6 million page impressions in May 2010. Our traffic and visitor numbers are substantial - with an average of 6265 visits made to the site each day in May.

Thus, advertising with makes sense - we can put your message on our pages. We can even tell you exactly how many people respond to your adverts in terms of pages read and clicks on banners. Newspapers and radio cannot do this.

Our demographic surveys show that 69% of our readers live in Ireland (with 47% of these within a 10-mile radius of Castlebar town and 54% in County Mayo). Of the remainder 15% live in the USA, 9% in the UK and 7% in the rest of the world. Virtually all have Mayo links so it is a highly targeted demographic for Mayo businesses.

The volume of traffic to the Castlebar site is quite extraordinary for a small town website in the West of Ireland. The site is updated 365 days a year with new photographs of life in County Mayo published every day.

Your business can take advantage of the traffic generated by Our special introductory rate card compares very favourably with the rates charged for advertising on the local press and radio.

E-mail us with your requirements at and make your business work harder for you!

Our Current Advertising Rates:



Banner Advertising on Option A
(Size: 468x60 or similar)

€11.25 euros per 1,000 exposures of your banner (min order €45 euros)
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Banner Advertising on Option B
(Size: 468x60 or similar)

A Real Bargain - only €150 euros for 20,000 'exposures' of your advert
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Front Page Button
(Size: 120x60)

€30 euros per week (rotating button)
Guaranteed minimum 5,000 exposures
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Front Page Micro button
(Size: 88x31)

€15 euros per week (rotating micro button)
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Sponsorship of e.g. Sudoku, Crossword, Webcam or Selected Sections of

€75 euros per month (non rotating sponsor banner)

Online Competition Prize Sponsorship - Competitions run for seven days. This package includes a front-page photograph of the winner(s) receiving their prize if required.

€150 euros plus sponsorship of prize

Photo or Logo in Business Directory

€75 per annum.
(Photo supplied in gif or jpg format)
€100 p/a (Digital photo or scan carried out by

Url Click through to domain outside Castlebar Server Network

€75. (FREE with banner ad)

Castlebar Business directory listing

Free to all businesses located in Castlebar - search for your business and fill in the form if you are not listed or wish to change some details

Job Adverts

Free on our jobs page and on our job classifieds Post your own adverts.

Classified Adverts

Free on our classifieds page - post your own adverts

For longer term commitments we can negotiate individually priced packages that are highly attractive.


Technical Details


Banners and Buttons

Sizes: Standard Banner 468 x 60 pixels, Button 120 x 60, Micro Button 88 x 31

Format: JPG, GIF, GIF98 (animated) or Flash +alt, Banners should be 12kb or less and buttons 5kb or less.

Castlebar's Customer Profile Report for Advertisers.

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Domain Name registration prices are available from our hosting partner Modata (based in Castlebar).

Information on Secure Certs for E-Commerce transactions from our hosting partner Modata (based in Castlebar).