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No. 8
Please don't make it too commericial, keep the 'local' feel to it.

We do not plan to become too commercial:
Don't worry. We believe in the power of the Internet as a tool that provides entertainment, interactivity and information. The reason has been so successful is that it has concentrated on providing visitors to the site entertaiment, interactivity and information that interests them on a daily basis. As the Internet evolves customers will want to be able to do business online, from purchasing a house to buying a box of matches. In Castlebar, the community is moving smoothly and swiftly into the information age, our Business Directory contains links to over 1500 businesses in the town. One of the Guest Houses on our site receives over three enquiries per week from their presence on the web site. Local businesses, that advertise on our site, are reeping the rewards of a strategically placed web presence.

The time has come when people want to be able to do business online.  They can:
order groceries -
order flowers -
book accomodation:
order party entertainment:

find computer/internet support and training:
check out the nightlife:
check out what's on in the local arts centre:
visit some local auctioneers:
check out the lastest fashion:
get some gardening tips:
buy some coffee: Try our 'yeller' pages - over 1000 listings at the last count!

We will continue to work with local businesses to ensure that our web site develops to meet the demands of visitors to our site and by focusing on the needs and wants of visitors to our site generate the business required to become self-financing. We will not sell out to commercialism.
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