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No. 76
Let me first of all congratulate you on having a wonderful website. I really enjoy it and access it on a very frequent basis in fact daily. It is great in such a vast area as the internet to have some local websites that can be accessed from your own home and the sights, news and information are all very familiar to a person who would know the area well. Again keep up the good work and thanks for all the updates. One thing that has come to mind before I finish is that sometime you may consider doing something on all the famous musicians that have served Castlebar both past and present and have a link on it in your website

Thanks for your comments:
Here is a list of links to music related items that we have on the site:
Music in Castlebar
Live Music and Concerts
John Hoban
Castlebar Concert Band
Mayo Strings
Linenhall Arts Centre's Regular Concerts
CRC fm
The Pride of Castlebar
The Blues Festival

If anyone out there has any information on famous musicians that have served Castlebar. Email Thank you.
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