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The remains of the 11th Century Church with Peyton vault beneath. The Peyton vault commemorates the local landlord family

The old graveyard in the centre of the village features an interesting old ruin called 'Teampall na gCailleachadh Dubha', 'The Temple or Church of the Nuns'.


The Altar at Errew Monastery. Errew meaning 'Arable Land' is noted for archaeological features such as forts and souterraines and a Franciscan monastery.

Franciscan Brothers Cemetery Errew 1839-1981.

Rural Ballyheane

Chewing the cud ...

There are 22 Brothers buried in the Monastery cemetery. There is a sapper`s mark on the gable of the Monastery. This mark was used to measure land. The monastery closed its school in 1975 and the boys went to local girls national school.

Ballyheane heather

Heading for home

Turf from the bog




Ballyheane Scouts

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