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We are now entering the final phase in the implementation of our first Strategic Plan 1999-2003. I am glad be able to report that, the ISA has become a vigorous and professional organisation offering a wide range of services and benefits to it's members. In the appendix attached "Achievements and Challenges" I have outlined highlights of the successes achieved over the past number of years and also some of the issues we will need to address as we go forward.

Much has changed however since we started development of our Plan. Economic prosperity brings consequences in terms of greater disposable income, greater work demands on many, and greater competition from other sports. It has significantly heightened people's expectations of their sports in terms of clubs, facilities, organisation etc. A major challenge for sailing over the next five years is how we respond to these expectations.

It is time now to start looking ahead to the next ISA Strategic Planning period 2004 - 2008. We need your help to see how we can build further on the successes of the existing plan for the continued development of sailing in Ireland.


Over the next 12 months we shall be engaging in consultation with our affiliated organisations and external stakeholders, with the objective of developing the next plan. We will be seeking views on the impact the existing plan has had within these organisations, and the sport in general. We also want input on what are perceived to be the major challenges for sailing and the ISA over the next five years, and how you would like to see us address these. In particular we would like to encourage all people involved in our sport to tell us about the issues that they believe should be addressed in the next Plan for 2004 - 2008. If you wish, you can address your views and ideas directly to me at the ISA.


It is intended to produce a draft plan by early 2003. This will involve an intensive consultation period with our stakeholders during the period September - November 2002. We look forward to meeting with as many members and stakeholders as possible during that period.

With your help we look forward to driving our sport to further success.

Yours sincerely,

John Crebbin

John Crebbin
President, Irish Sailing Association