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Darren Shan

Mother's Day poetry


Mother's Day 2011

4th Class wrote lovely poems for their Mums to celebrate Mother's Day.


My Mom

Her name is Elizabeth
She is Liz to all her friends
But she is mom to me.

When she is happy
She likes to sing
When she sings
She makes me laugh.

When she is sad
She likes to be alone
We try to make her smile again

She likes Blue Jeans
Horror movies
High Heels
Chewing gum.

MY Mom is reliable
Good crack
And that's why I love her.

Happy Mothers Day
3rd April 2011

My Mam

My mam is very nice

My mam likes chips

My mam loves lipstick

My mam loves to walk

My mam loves the colour pink

My mam loves shoes

My mam loves Mamma Mia

My mam helps me with my homework

My mam is very kind

My mam loves me

I love my mam.

Love Niall 3rd April 201


You are funny,you are sweet you are the perfect mam to me.
You love dogs,you hate mice you are the perfect mam for me.
You love Elvis,ABBA,and the Rascal Flatts you are the perfect mam for me.
You're eyes are the perfect brown,you're hair is the perfect brown
you are the perfect mam for me.
You do everything for Kelly,Sarah-Jo and I
I LOVE your cooking you are the perfect Mam for me
You dress nice and kind of cool you are the perfect Mam for me.

Mammy I love you.


Mummy i love you
with all my heart
when i look at you i see long brown hair
clear blue eyes and a pretty smile
you love me i love you
you listen to me when i need you
you gave me your heart and you see i
love you and you are for ever
i love you.
my i love

My Mum

my mum is
sweet as apple pie
she likes to eat
chicken curry
she loves to watch alibi
and can solve a crime
at any time
Mum you are the best



My mummy

Her name is sarah.
Her hair is long
and her eyes are crystal blue.

She loves to shop until she drops.
All I tell you is true.

She loves to shop for clothes
and shoes
and bags
and make up too.

She's my mummy.
She's very funny.
I love her lots and lots and lots
and I know she loves me too.

From your beautiful daughter

Happy Mothers day


You are beautiful
I love you like you love me.

You have a heart of gold.

You have black hair
You have blue eyes.

You love tea.
You are very kind.
You buy me clothes.

You look after Martin, Bridget and me.



My MOM is the Best

She is a great cook

She is the best TAXI in town

She likes to read a lot

She talks a lot

She likes come dine with me

My MOM is not like any other MOM

She is not replaceable



Frances is my mum's name. She is

Really funny all the time.

ADELE is her favourite singer

No one can stop her from having a good time

Can always be trusted every night and day

Every day is a great day and I love sharing them
With her

She likes the colour purple
shopping for jeans
X Factor
Dancing on ice
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Darren Shan visits Castlebar Library!


On Thursday, September 30th, the famous author, Darren Shan visited Castlebar Library. Our 5th Class pupils were very excited about meeting one of their favourite authors. Some of the children even managed to get Darren's autograph!



To find out more about Darren Shan and his books click on the link below:


To find out more about about events at Castlebar Library click on the link below:


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