Quiz Zone


We were delighted to be invited to participate in "Quiz Zone" recently. There was great excitement in the school as this quiz was going to be televised on RTE2.

A quiz was organised in the school so a team could be selected. Everyone wanted to take part - the chance of getting on TV. Wow!

The team was made up of Orla Carney, Cian Gibbons, Cathal Lavelle, Shane Lyons and Laura /Mannion.The team had thee weeeks to prepare.They worked really hard, making up questions, looking up answers and searching through reference books.

The day finally arrived and the team headed off in hope of TV fame anfd what a day they had!

There were three teams competing. The game started with four of the team in the search room while the other member was oin standby at a maze. The four inside had to find the answers quickly and give them to the team member outside who then had to race through the maze. It was very exciting1 Quick - find the answer!- Hurry! run, run, run! Give the answer! Yes we got it right!!

It was very close coming to the last question and luck was with us on the day. We won by 13 points!

The team was thrilled. They had won . They would be on TV! They would now go home with a MP Player each.


The long journey home wascheerful and loud! We arrived back in Breaffy tired, but happy. We had a great day.,

It was very close


The selection process took place before the final team for Dublin was chosen


Here's the TV Champs team with their prizes!