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Science Projects 2015-2016 3rd Class

Science challenge 2015

6th Class October 2014 Science Week 2013 Science Week 2010 2nd Class Volcanoes.  


Science Projects 2015-2016

3rd Class Projects

Here are some pictures of the wonderful models made by Mr. Duggan's 3rd Class
as part of their History and Science projects

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Science Challenge Winners

On the 10th of November 2015, Aisling,Tom, Seán and Eimear from 6th Class competed in the marshmallow science challenge. We had 20 spaghetti sticks and 1 metre of masking tape. We had to build the tallest structure we could, and it had to hold a marshmallow on top. There were 21 teams from all of Mayo. First we had to qualify from our school ,which we did. So on Tuesday we went to Hotel Ballina. Mr. Clogherty and Ms. Barrett came with us. We had 40 minutes to do our structure .The first 20 minutes were going well but the next 10 were a bit of a disaster. Our structure kept on falling over and it looked like it was over for us. But our luck changed and 1 simple decision led us to victory!

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6th Class Science

6th Class recently took part in the toothpick/jellytot challenge.

Here are some pictures of them busy at work.

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Science Week 2013

Our School recently hosted a science week. All classes were involved. This event was organised and presented by Mr. Declan Holmes. All the children really enjoyed the various workshops they attended.





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Mr. Duggan's 2nd Class have been very busy learning about volcanoes.
They even managed to make a volcano erupt in the school yard!




Science Week 2010

All the classes have been really busy during Science Week.
The senior classes did lots of science experiments.
Mr. Glennon's 2nd Class have been learning all about the solar system.



The Senior Classes discover just how much fun science can be!











Congratulations to the 6th Class girls who won a Science award.


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2nd Class learned all about the solar system.

Click here to see Mr. Glennon's Class perform their action song about the planets.




Mr. Duggan's 2nd Class have been very busy making models of all the planets.



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The children in these pictures enjoyed learning about electricity.