St. John's Parents Association.


Formation of Parents Association

The Inaugural Meeting under the auspices of the National Parents Council was held in Breaffy Community Centre on Monday 19th of June 2000 at 9.00 pm.

A committee was elected from the group present.


Our Aims.

1. To actively promote partnership and co-operation between home and school and provide a structure for parents to fulfill their responsibilities as partners in the education of their children.

2. To represent the views of parents.

3. To inform parents of developments in education and in the school.

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Christmas Card Launch 2004

On Friday, November19th, Breaffy Parents Association launched their most recent fund raising iniative. A gala party night was held for all the children and their parents to launch our Christmas cards. The cards feature the art work of the children in Breaffy National School.

As the pictures below prove it was a most enjoyable night!




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