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5th Class Computers
2nd Class "Paint" Project

Our laptop initiative is now up and running!

We have 32 Dell Laptops with Windows Vista, A Data Projector and lots of resources. The computers are stored on two mobile units which allow us to bring the computers from class to class. Each class from second to sixth now have a weekly computer class. The children are quickly becoming computer literate. In fact their progress is amazing!

During the year the children will learn typing and word processing skills. They will work with image processing. Each Child will have supervised internet access. We hope to undertake many exciting projects. The children also have the opportunity to work with various age appropriate pieces of computer software.

As you can see the pupils of Breaffy National School enjoy their computer classes!

Below you can see 5th Class in action.





Second Class.

2nd class have been working with the "Paint" programme on their laptops.

They produced these lovely Halloween pictures.







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