Christmas 2014
3rd Class Nativity Play
Infants' Christmas show
Christmas in 1st class

Christmas 2013


Christmas in 1st Class

A very Happy Christmas from Mrs. O'Shea's and Mr. Hennelly's First Classes.
They are pictured here on the day of the holidays.

Mrs. O' shea's Class .


Mr. Hennelly's 1st Class

They are all very excited and happy as they anxiously await Santa's arrival on Wednesday.


Mrs. O' Shea's Class presented food hampers to the St. Vincent De Paul.

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Junior & Senior Infants' Christmas Show.

Junior and Senior Infants performed their annual Christmas show in the school hall today, Thursday, December 11th , 2014.They sang songs and recited Christmas poems. Well done to the Infant classes and to their teachers, Mrs. Doherty, Mrs. Commons, Mrs. Mc Cormack and Ms. Mannion. Ms. Nestor accompanied the classes on keyboard.

Mrs. Doherty's Junior Infants.

Mrs. Commons' Junior Infants

Ms. Mannion's Senior Infants.

Mrs. Mc Cormack's Senior Infants.

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Annual Nativity Play 2014

Ms. Thornton's and Mrs. Mc Nea's 3rd classes performed our annual Nativity play in the church today, December 9th.
All the classes attended and we all enjoyed the show. Well done to all involved!


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Christmas Hampers

Mrs. O' Shea's and Ms. Nestor's 4th Classes presented food hampers to St. Vincent De Paul.

Well done to all the children and their families who contributed so generously to this very worthy cause.

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Junior Infants, "Santa's Hat"

Mrs. Doherty's and Mrs. Commons'Junior Infant Classes took part in their first ever Christmas Concert in Breaffy N.S.
Their play was called "Santa's Hat"




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Senior Infants, "The Nativity"

Ms. Mannion's and Ms. Haverty's classes worked really hard to produce their show, "The Nativity"

They were excellent! Well done!



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3rd Class Nativity Play

Ms. Thornton and Ms.Tuohy and their 3rd Classes performed the Nativity story in the church on Tuesday night.
This annual event is always a lovely start to Christmas in Breaffy community.


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4th Class, Ms. Nestor, "Cinders"

Ms. Nestor's 4th Class performed the pantomime story of Cinderella.


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4th Class, Mrs. O' Shea, "Goldilocks"

Mrs. O' Shea's 4th Class performed Goldilocks.


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5th Class, Mr. Duggan, "The Thieves of Father Christmas"

Mr. Duggan's 5th Class dramatised the story of "The Thieves of Father Christmas".

This hilarious tale was written by Willie John Creedon.


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5th Class, Mr. Grealis, "Wake in the West"

Mr. Grealis and his 5th Class performed their adaption of Act 1 of Michael Joe Ginnelly's much acclaimed drama, "A Wake in the West"



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1st Class, Mr. Canny, "The Nativity"

Mr. Canny's 1st Class performed their version of The Nativity on Tuesday, December 17th.

Well done!



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2nd Class, Mrs. Murphy, Baboushka

Mrs. Murphy's 2nd Class told in musical form the story of Baboushka and her search to find the Baby Jesus.


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6th Class, Mr. Murphy, "Manger Menagerie"

Mr. Murphy's 6th Class performed the musical, "Manger Menagerie", written by Raymond Lombardi. This show tells the story of 7 animals, three sheep, a donkey, a rooster, a chicken and a cow. The day that Mary and Joseph came to the Inn the animals were arguing over the overcrowded conditions in their barnyard. When Mary and Joseph showed up the animals formed an alliance to find out why these humans have invaded their already limited space.


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1st Class, Mrs. Mc Nea, "The Gingerbread Man"


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2nd Class,Mr. Hennelly, "Star of wonder"


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6th Class, Mr. Moran, "X Factor Christmas Special"




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