2nd Class Pizzas.

3rd Class Italian Day.


2nd class Visit Supermacs!

Brian in Mr. Duggan's 2nd Class won a trip to Supermacs. The whole class was invited to go for a pizza making demonstration. First we went into Supermacs and made our pizza boxes. Next we put on our aprons and name tags. The staff had set up a station for dough making and a station for pizza toppings. We made the pizza dough with rollers. There was a sharp one and a smooth one. The sharp one was used for taking the air out of the dough so there would be no bubbles in it. Then we put on our toppings. They advised us not to put the toppings on top of each other. This would stop them from cooking properly. Also we had to cover all the sauce with cheese to prevent it from burning. Finally we cooked our pizzas. They were delicious!



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Italian Day

Ms. Gallen's class and Mr. Duggan's 2nd Classes have been learning all about Italy.
They recently had an Italian Day when they cooked and enjoyed typical Italian food

Ella Browne & Ella Conway wrote an account of their day.

Both 2nd Classes decided to do an Italian day. We had been learning about Italy for a few weeks.
We went to the staffroom. We brought knives, forks and spoons to school. We ate pizza, pasta
and ice cream. we tasted bruschetta. We listened to Italian music on a computer.We had lots of fun.
We ate lots of Italian food. Then we went back to our classrooms and talked about more Italian things.

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