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Our Stories Page

We like to write stories about ourselves on the computer.
We also love drawing pictures.

Click on any picture to see it better.

 drawingethan.jpg (598170 bytes)

My name is Ethan.

I am six years old

I live in castlebar.

I like football.

My favourite player is Damien Duff

Wayne Rooney.


My  name  is  mark k

I  like    footboLL

I   like   home

I am six

drawingmarkk.jpg (558123 bytes)

drawing zidane3.jpg (850981 bytes)

My   name   is  zidane.  I like Football .

my favouite tv  pograme is  power rangers.

We went to the playground.


drawing zidane2.jpg (917802 bytes)

My name is connor high. I have a cat her name is stary. She likes Mummy.i am six yers old.

Daddy plays with me and Jason I win. and Jason to and my Daddy and my Mummy wins too. 

my mum and my dad and Jason  and my  cat and my dog and my nana and gran love Connor.

I had good fun in kiltimagh

My name is Mark. I   am    Six  

My    Daddy   Lives in galway

My  Brother   is   ten   

My   udeyore  brother  is    four

School tour  is my  favourite  plalce

drawingmarkd.jpg (506580 bytes)

drawingcathal.jpg (768658 bytes)

My   name  is     Brandon  I am   six years  old

My   favourite  porGam    is     sonic   x   

I   like  School. Its   my   favourite   thing.

The    school   tour      was   fun

My    favourite    thing   was   the    slide.

And   I  Like    The   food.

drawingthomas.jpg (460441 bytes)

I    am   conor   my   age is 6   my    kitten is colld  freedy  




My name is francie mcdonagh.

I saw a dog.  

drawingfrancie.jpg (1048501 bytes)

drawingkevin.jpg (470070 bytes)

My  name is Oisin Clune.

I am 5.

I live in Castlebar.

I like playing with my toy garage.


drawingnoel.jpg (358708 bytes)

 drawing zidane1.jpg (773386 bytes)

drawingrichard.jpg (592884 bytes)
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