View Central Castlebar in 1995 with by placing your mouse over the photograph and see 1975 by taking the mouse off the image.

When you put the mouse over the image above you are looking at central Castlebar in 1995. When you move the mouse off the image you should see Castlebar as it was in 1975, exactly 20 years previously. The Mall is at the top left of the image. The Newport Road is at the bottom right with St. Gerald's College visible near the edge. The old Graveyard is at the top right and you can see the Castlebar River just as it leaves Lough Lannagh. The TF and Hospital Complex are top centre. Main Street runs diagonally on the left hand side down towards Bridge Street and Linenhall Street at the bottom left.

Click to see the new supermarkets under construction in the year 2000.

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