A Late Evening Stroll in Castlebar.

The Mall at Night

 Take a stroll across the Mall late on a mid-summer evening. Even at 11pm there is still light in the sky.

On your right is the Fountain based on a piece of sculpture collected by Ernie O'Malley.

The Mall Fountain at Night - Castlebar


Chirstchurch Floodlit in Castlebar


 Christchurch lit up with scaffolding in place June 2000

Christchurch is floodlit and undergoing some essential repairs.



Burleigh House is opposite at the traffic lights.

Burleigh House at Night



 Turning right onto Ellison Street…now we are in search of a hostelry.

Ellison Street by Night







 The Irish House Pub Castlebar



 The Irish House?


Or back to the Mall to Daly's?

Daly's historic hotel



 The view from Rock Square looking down onto Castle Street.

Castle Street at Night


Photographs taken on 29 June 2000 just after 11 pm.


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