Budapest, November 2004 (Photos by Martin McGarrigle)
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The trip costs 600 Forints going up and 500 Forints coming back down! It leads to the Buda Castle and the old cobbled area of Buda.
The Funicular Railway
Get your paprikas and pastries and freshwater fish and sausages and mushrooms and pickles downstairs and get your linen tableclothes and russian dolls upstairs or sit down and have a cup of coffee and watch the bustle.
Indoor market
Entrance to the Zoo
Elephantine Entrance
Budapest has the oldest underground system in the world. Its public transport system is highly efficient.
Looking across the tracks to Buda from Pest
The Danube is about 500 metres wide in Budapest. Laughing lions on the Pest Side and Snarling lions on the Buda side - or perhaps it's the other way around?
Lion Guarding the famous Chain Bridge
There are a number of floating restaurants and plenty of sightseeing craft up and down the Danube.
The Danube
Statues of the Magyar Tribes that settled the plains of Hungary
Heroes' Square
House of Terror. This is on the wide avenue called Andrassy that leads to Heroe's Square. The timber cut-out reads 'Terror' when viewed from the air.
Holocaust Museum