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Re: Anyone out there? Halloooooooooooo....

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Posted by Butch on August 27, 2003 at 15:12:49:

In Reply to: Re: Anyone out there remember Sputnik ? posted by Bowser on August 27, 2003 at 08:25:52:

We were standing outside Tommy Morans barn-gate entrance, the carney's, Tommy Moran, and the Cawley's, and saw it moving slowly across the sky. However at this pointin time i would attempt to change a stereotype that of the phrase 'Light Pollution' as light does NOT pollute or contaminate. But has every positive affermations. E.G. The Deity as the source of light. In the 'Credo' "Light from Light, True God From True God", Let there be light!,The sun provides light, Where would we be without the light bulb?, candlelight dinners, a romantic evening out. You go quietly to church in the middle of the day and light a candle for a loved one. Walking thro' the meadows in Yosemite valley under a full moon on a summers clear bright night. A crisp cold clear winters night and the all the stars visible with light that departed a million years hence. It now remains for me to coin the new phrase * "LIGHT OBSTRUCTION" * and to agree with all those who say that having electric lights shininging on your buttercups is a pure waste of energy. If you are having a social occasion then by all means glamour up your dandelions. Energy costs money,motion detectors save money, and stone walls don't care. Remember the starlight ballroom in Westport. How about a starlight night in Castlebar, for one half hour, once a year, for a child once in a lifetime. "Catch a falling star and put in your pocket ,save it for a rainy day". Delightfully Yours, Butch.

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