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The drinking game in Castlebar

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Posted by Barbarian on October 17, 2003 at 12:51:21:

Recently myself and another student friend in galway (both of us from Castlebar), attempted to count all the pubs in the town area, we came up with the no of 38. We also counted Cannons pub - as I think it opened once a year. I remember my father speaking of a huge no. of pubs on the street where he grew up, Spencer St. Of course I think the reason for the absence of some of these now is that some of the supermarkets bought up the licences, Byrne's was bought by Tesco (I think). Can anyone put a precise no of the pubs in the town and prehaps re-call some of the most frequented watering holes of the town, Kings on Spencer St. I belive was full of caracters.

One story I remember hearing was of an uncle of mine having one of his first ligitimate pints of the black stuff in Kings, when the pint was poured and offered my uncle looked with disgust at the deep head of white nearly reaching half way, he asked Mr. King (a man with a rep. for a scarcastic comment) the reason for such a large head, "well young fella, ya never saw a bishop without a collar", my uncle replied "yes but I never saw it hanging around his arse!"

Anyways with nearly 40 pubs in town, who thinks a glass of Guinness in each would be managable?

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