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Ghost Stories from Castlebar

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Posted by PJ on November 25, 2003 at 01:26:53:

This is an old posting of mine, originally posted back in March 2001

Any one here have any thoughts on where it might be or anything else

I'm trying to shed some further light on the following story taken from a book called "True Irish Ghost Stories" by Rev. John D Seymour of Cappawhite, Tipperary written in 1926:

If anyone can actually add any further to the story or any older person (Or someone with a great memory!) reading this can remember hearing something about it or can offer more pointers as to the actual identity of the house in Question.

I guess there are some things which might be useful such as a the year: 1914, The names: Richard Pearson & Mr. B? and previous owner Mr. S? and the description of the house and location.

"Quoted from a Richard Pearson, of Doon, Co Limerick.

“In 1914 I went to study practical farming under a Mr. B., who lived near the town of Castlebar, Co. Mayo and had an extensive farm there. His house was a well-built, old-fashioned one: it consisted of a basement, containing kitchen and the usual offices, a ground floor, entered by the hall door, containing dining room, drawing room and as well an apartment which was known as the playroom; while on the floor above this were the bedrooms, the door of mine being just beside the head of the staircase.
“When I arrived the men who were engaged in working on the farm told me that the house was haunted. I pain no attention to them, as I thought they were only trying to have a joke with a new hand. However I speedily changed my opinion! One day shortly after my arrival, I was sitting in the dining room talking to Mr. B when the hall door-bell rang violently. I got up to open to open the door and admit the visitor, but Mr. B motioned me to sit to sit down. The housekeeper came running up from the basement, to know if her master had rung for her. He replied that he has not, and when she had left the room he turned to me and said, “There’s the ghost!” Then he told me that this ringing was of frequent occurrence, and that footsteps were heard about the house- in the hall, on the stairs, and especially in that room known as the “playroom”; though nothing seems ever to have been heard in the basement.
“From my own experience I found that what he had told me was the case. When I was in bed I frequently heard heavy footsteps coming slowly up the stairs to the top landing, passing the door of my room, and then apparently turning and going downstairs again. Once and once only (I am thankful to say!) I had a still more unpleasant experience. I was in bed and the room was in darkness. I heard the now familiar footsteps coming up the stairs, but, instead of turning and descending again, the door opened and the steps came slowly into my room and advanced towards my bed. I could see nothing but I felt as if some unearthly presence were bending over the bed and closely scrutinising me. I always slept with a flash lamp under my pillow, and although I was terrified I had the presence of mind to pull out the lamp and flash on the light. As was to be expected, I saw nothing. After that experience I always had one of Mr. B’s sons sleeping in the room with me.
“On several other occasions I heard ringing of bells which could not be accounted for by human agency. I also heard noises, especially in the dining-room and playroom; sometimes these sounding like footsteps, at other times as if some one were lifting the fender a little and letting it drop again. These and similar noises were heard by many people over a number of years. Before Mr. B. came into the house it was owned by Mr. S., who was a Roman Catholic, got a priest in to say Mass, but to no avail. Mr B. has died and since I returned home I had a letter from his brother, who said for the last couple of years no noises have been heard.”

So whacha'll think - Any one make any guesstimations?

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