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Posted by joxer on March 30, 2002 at 22:26:53:

In Reply to: Another March and Easter in time posted by Murrisk on March 30, 2002 at 18:09:36:

Vatican documents(thought to have been destroyed by looting French troops in 18th century) which relate to the massacre of the Knights Templar and the burning at the stake of de Molay have recently been found.These show that Clement V,sent emissaries to Chinon Castle in 1308 to question Jacques de Molay and other Templar leaders,who were being held in the dungeons by Philip IV of France. This was in effect a Papal trial. He absolved them of their crimes--their secret rituals were said to include "denying Christ-sodomy- blasphemy and kissing other mens behinds" Their defence it seems was that if they were captured by the Saracens they would be able to abuse their religion under torture "with the mind but not with the heart" The Pope failed to publish his absolution of the Knights(for fear of a shism) and Philip (also known as Philip The Friar) had them executed.If poor Jacques cursed Clement,it seems the Pope neglected to tell him of his good luck, in having been absolved of his sins. Greed for their lands and wealth was partly responsible for the effort to eliminate the order; several thousand were killed in this period.They derived their name from their HQ-- the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.We will probably hear more about these documents in the near future as a Signor Frale is writing a book on the Chinon parchments.The Masons are said to have inherited some of the rituals of the Templars.
It must be the American branch that gave rise to the expression "kiss ass"

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