Meelick, County Mayo

July 2001 | The West | Photo Gallery |

Beneath-Tower-2824 Community-Centre-2833 Graves-2827 Graveyard-2825 Lighting-plaque-2822 Meelick-Church-2829
Beneath the Tower Community Centre Graves Graveyard Lighting plaque Meelick Church
Meelick-Church-2831 Meelick-Round-Tower-2817 Meelick-School-2830 Meelick-Tower-2818 Meelick-Tower-2819 Meelick-Tower-2821
Meelick Church Meelick-Round-To... Meelick School Meelick Tower Meelick Tower Meelick Tower
New-Graveyard2826 Old-Graves-2823 Old-Quarter-2834 Silhouetted-2820 Stone-wall-2828 White-Washed-2832
New Graveyard Old Graves Old Quarter! Silhouetted Stone-wall White-Washed