HARRY POTTER and the Goblet of Fire
…. J.K. Rowling

Reviewed by N!

Well the waiting is finally over and thousands of Harry Potter fans have rushed to book shops to buy their copy of the ‘Goblet of Fire’, J.K Rowling’s fourth Harry Potter book. The newest edition of the Potter series is twice as large as the previous three books with a grand total of six hundred and thirty six pages ! When I first saw this humongous book I was worried that Ms. Rowling's high standard would not be maintained, but I assure you it was. I have walked around with my nose in this book for the last 3 days doing all other jobs with one hand, rushing to read the next page and see what wonders the world of Hogwarts would bring. Each of the books has been superbly written by J.K Rowling. Although I generally hold a sceptical view of most sequels, I find that each book in this series equals the last and possibly surpasses it; the third and fourth books are my personal favourites. Ms. Rowling started the book in a different way this time. Instead of starting in Privet Drive as the other books do, it starts at a very different place with very unexpected people.

This grabbed my attention from the very beginning and kept me reading to the very end, but I will let you find out how by yourself. As usual J.K Rowling has dropped bits of information throughout the book which all bind together in the end; but this book is in no way predictable. I had no idea how it would end but, as usual, it landed in a neat little bundle, except for one or two things which will make for an interesting fifth book. There are many new and exciting characters introduced into it and dozens of new spells. It is full of the teachers, students, spells, magic and mischief of Hogwarts and the magical world which all awake your imagination and take you into a world you never knew existed !

For those who have not read any of the previous Harry Potter books I shall explain what all the hype is about.

Harry Potter has grown up wondering why odd-looking people in the street glance at him in awe sometimes and occasionally shake his hand, and why his aunt and uncle have a particularly cruel hatred for him. But when he is eleven he finds out that this is because he is a wizard and a famous wizard! He didn’t know about the whole wizarding world since when he was a baby his parents were murdered by lord Vold…sorry He Who Must Not Be Named, a dark, evil wizard. Harry had almost been killed himself but the curse had backfired and the dark lord (Voldmort) fled weak and powerless. For destroying the darkest wizard of all and leader of a reign of terror among the magical world Harry had become famous. But he did not know any of this until he was eleven and received a letter from Hogwarts school of wizarding. He had been living with his muggle (non-magical) aunt and uncle and cousin Dudley who despise all things magical and had been particularly cruel to Harry because they had hoped to squash the magic from his parents out of him. This had not worked, however, and Harry now attends Hogwarts school of wizarding and witching with his friends Hermione and Ron. Hogwarts is an old castle where anything can happen and frequently does.

The Harry Potter series now consists of four books :

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The press has compared J.K Rowling to Roald Dahl and I have to agree. J.K Rowling definitely has the talent of capturing her audience with her loveable characters and the ones you love to hate. I advise you to read them all as you are missing out if you don’t.

For more on Harry Potter check out http://www.scholastic.com/harrypotter/home.asp




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