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Castlebar Fairtrade Town - Update Nov 2007
By Castlebar Fairtrade Town
26, Nov 2007 - 00:11

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Castlebar Fairtrade Town committee are calling on existing Fairtrade businesses to renew their Fairtrade status and encouraging new business and organisations to get involved in the Castlebar Fairtrade town initiative.

Castlebar received Fairtrade status in December 2006. This status is to be renewed every year and for December 2007 Castlebar Fairtrade town aim to have even more businesses and organisations adopting a Fairtrade policy by using, selling and promoting Fairtrade products within the business, office, school, etc.

The Fairtrade Mark, is an international logo that is an independent guarantee of a better deal for third world producers. Fairtrade is a means of empowering people in developing countries to improve their own lives and environments through fair prices for their produce. Fair-trade also encourages better environmental and working standards for the producers and a premium is also paid for their crop. This premium is used by the workers to improve their livelihoods, for example, bringing clean water to their area, building schools and creating community gardens.

It is hoped that for 2008 GMIT Castlebar and Mayo County  Council will follow other national colleges and county councils and a adopt Fairtrade policy.

If you are renewing your Fairtrade status or interested in your business, organisation, retail outlet etc. becoming a recognised member of Castlebar Fairtrade town please contact us on  or 0879745984. For more information on Fairtrade and where Fairtrade products are available in Castlebar see

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