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We joined with Gospel Voices from Germany
to perform a concert in April 2008


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Ballintubber Abbey Carol Service

Each year, Ballintubber Abbey hosts a carol service.
It's a spiritual ensemble featuring the Gospel Choir, Cantaraí Umhaill and the CCFE Bell Choir, all under the directorship of Niamh O'Kelly.


Dec. 17, 2006

Soloist Brendan and Choir

Click here to see a short video featuring the three choirs



Getting ready in the dortoir


Handbell Choir

The Bell Choir were the first to perform


Cantaraí Umhaill

The Cantaraí Umhaill were angelic


Soloist Joanne

Joanne was in fine voice as usual


Soloist Elaine








Niamh and Cantaraí




Fr Fahy

Fr. Fahy



Niamh O'Kelly

Accolades for Niamh...

...see you again in December 2007


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