Jim, Ally & Liam
I arrived home from the USA on the 2nd September, 2001. Nine days later the world changed. I was coming home from school, my Mum picked me up from the bus and she looked like she was in shock. I asked her what was the matter and she said that the twin towers had been hit by two planes.The American newsreaders thought that it was a terrorist attack. My sister lives in the Bronx and I was worried about her fiancée and daughter. We walked up to the house and mum tried to phone New York but she could not get an answer for at least half an hour. Eventually we spoke to my sister at work and she knew less about it than us. We all felt very shocked as we watched the coverage on T.V. Three days later Ireland had a day of mourning. I went to mass and we prayed for all the victims who had died and their families.
By: Louise of V class, Bohola NS

Jim Devaney

Jim Devaney and his family have been a tremendous help to Bohola school since about 1986. He visits us about every two years and always sets some project in motion that will benefit our pupils. This year he even sponsored our parents' computer course! Jim's parents both came from the Bohola-Ballyvary area and he mantains a strong affection for their birth places. His parents instilled a love of learning in him from an early age and encouraged him to inspire others to do the same. Over the years he has brought his own children to Bohola school for a week in order that Irish and American children could understand each other better. This has been very beneficial for our students and enabled them to understand more fully what it's like to be a child in the US. He has been an inspiration to us in the area of computers and was instrumental in having an ISDN line connected to the school as well as a network in our computer room. Many thanks Jim.