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Hints for Parents

  1. Bohola National School or its official name Scoil Naomh Thóla is dedicated to the memory of an obscure sixth century saint, a son of a county Clare chieftain who settled in Bohola and reputetly lived in a hut. Canon Padraig O Fionnain who homself was responsible for the building of this fine new school in 1987 decided to name the school Scoil Naomh Tola in his honour. The school has 4 mainstream teachers two learning support teachers, two caretakers, one secretary and one classroom assistant. No school is complete without pupils and we have close on 100 bright eyed children at the moment. We at Bohola N.S believe in the education of the total person in a Christian environment and in the right of each child to be unique and to grow to maturity.
  2. We seek to accomplish the following goals: To nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life - spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical .To enable the child to live a full life as a child and to realise his/her potential as a unique individual.
  3. Useful Guidelines: Parents should search young children's bags for letters that might be sent home or written in Diaries/notebooks. Books, copies and personal effects should be labelled and repaired or replaced when they become tatty or worn.
    Encourage your children to join the Dancing and Music classes and to practise a while each evening.
    Bullying:If you feel your child is being bullied either you or the child should report it to the teacher/Principal. If your own child happens to be the bully; accept responsibility and have your child apologise to the victim.
    Misbehavour on the bus is not the responsibility of the school. Bus Éireann reserves the right to withdraw tickets for breaches of behaviour.
    When on school outings, children should be discouraged from bringing large and un-necessary sums of money.
    Purchase age appropriate books, magazines and newspapers regularly
    Encourage Library membership.
    Monitor what your child views on television. Computers should be used productively and not as toys. Internet access should be monitored also.
    Please explain the contents of this page to your children.