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Halloween 2015.

We all dressed up in our Halloween costumes today. We had a Halloween Fun Day

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Halloween 2014

Halloween is always an exciting time in Breaffy N.S. The children do lots of Halloween activities. They do art and crafts based on Halloween. They learn about Halloween customs, traditions and games. They make pumpkin soup and decorate their classrooms.
On the last day of school they wear their Halloween costumes to school and have a big Halloween party.

Pumpkin Fun in Junior Infants!

Pumpkin Fun in First Class
Mrs. o' Shea's Class & Mr. Hennelly's Class

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Making Soup

Ms. Nestor's Class made pumpkin soup.



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Halloween Art

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Halloween Party.

Here are some pictures of the children from all the classes in their Halloween costumes.

Halloween 2013

Halloween is always a big event in Breaffy N.S. and this year was no different!

The children played traditional Halloween games. They did beautiful Halloween art, they carved pumpkins and even made pumpkin soup.

On Friday, October 25th, the children wore their Halloween costumes to school.

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Halloween 2012

We did pumpkin carving and we made pumpkin soup.








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Halloween 2011

We all enjoyed our Halloween Fun Day!

1st class performed "Thriller" in the School hall.





Jedward came to visit 4th Class!







Ms. Haverty's Junior Infants






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Halloween 2010


Senior Infants made witches.

Ms. O' Sullivan's Junior Infants.


Ms. Skeffington's Junior Infants.

Ms. Haverty's Junior Infants.

Ms. Nestor's Senior Infants.


Ms. Mannion's Senior Infants.





4th Class made pumpkin soup.

Cooking Class!

Halloween Games.

















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Halloween 2009

Some pictures to capture the fun and games at Halloween!





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Halloween Fun


All the children wore their Halloween costumes to school on Friday, October 24th.
We played lots of traditional Halloween games.












Halloween Fun

On Friday, October 26th, we had a Halloween Fun Day in Breaffy.
We all dressed up in our Halloween Costumes. We played lots of Halloween Games. Our Halloween Art was on display throughout the school.

As you can see from our pictures we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Art Work!






Halloween Fun And Games!











The Infants had great Fun!







First Class were really scary!





2nd Class had a day to remember!










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3rd Class had fab costumes!




5th class Poems!


On Halloween night,
When people are in fright,
The monsters go out to play,

Vampires suck blood,
Skeletons wish they could,
And mummies go on their way.

Witches meet on the moon,
While zombies scare at noon,
Rats let out their eye rays,

On Halloween night,
When people are in fright,
Watch out for ghosts that go BOO!

By Cian Morrin


Jeepers , Creepers

Jeepers, Creepers it's Halloween Night,
When the witches mount their brooms and fly out of sight,
When the Vampires get their teeth right,
They'll suck your blood all through the night.
When the wolves howl and the children jump with fright,
It's all fun on Halloween Night.
When the mummies rise from the dead,
It's all alright until I'm in bed.
This is the scariest night I've ever seen,
For tonight, my friends, it's Halloween!

By Killian Dervan



I've been waiting for the day,
Ever since May,
We are going out tonight,
It's not going to be polite.
We are going to be the rulers,
We will say "Bye!" to the losers.
So watch out tonight,
'Cause someone's going to get a fright!

By Liam Irwin


Halloween Night

It's Halloween night and everybody's out,
Knocking on doorways and walking about.

The sky is so dark, yet the moon is so bright,
Witches and monsters, oh what a sight!

Oh Halloween night, I love it so,
There's so much happening, it's like a show.
Oh, I wish every day could be Halloween,
Fireworks, bangers, there's just everything!

By Ciara Burns


We wore some of our Halloween costumes to school on Friday, October 28th.



We played lots of Halloween Games!


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6th class looks very spooky at the moment!

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Come to the Skeleton's Dance

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Poetry Corner!
As I look out at the spiders and webs,
I see funny shaped people with funny shaped

Halloween's here, witches appear with pointy
Shaped hats and warts on their ears.

Goblins and ghouls are roaming the
Streets, searching and screaming
For something to eat.

By William Keaney (Rang a Sé)

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Fourth Class Play

On Wednesday, October 20th, 4th class performed their Halloween Play for all the classes.It was a wonderful show which we all really enjoyed.
Well done to Ms.Tuohy and all the 4th Class children.


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Halloween Pictures.

Junior Infants.

Junior Infants.


Junior Infants.

Junior Infants.

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Senior Infants

4th class


6th class


3rd Class

6th class

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3rd class

1st Class



1st Class Art


1st Class Art

2nd class costumes!


1st class again!!

Junior Infants.

Junior Infants.

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