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Ms. Mahons Craft Club April Update

Mother's Day 2017

Mrs. Mc Nea's Valentine's Art.

Ms. Mahons Craft Club

1st Class Snowmen


1st Class Art

Happy Mother's Day from Mrs. Mc Nea's 1st Class!

Knitting Club



Mother's Day 2013


Animation Wordshops Easter Bonnets Community Games Art 2nd Class Pottery


Shrove Tuesday Valentine's Day Art. St. Brigid's Day Community Games Art.




6th Class Visit to Art Studio 2007 Community Games Art Balla Feis
Art Exhibition 2006

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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day from Mrs. Mc Nea's First Class.
They made beautiful cards for their Mums.


Happy St. Valentine's Day

Mrs. Mc Nea's 1st Class were very busy making lovely gifts for Valentine's Day.

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1st Class Snowmen

Mrs. Mc Nea's 1st class made beautiful snowmen models.


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Craft Club Update

Ms. Mahon's Craft Club continues this term. Here are some samples of the children's beautiful creations.


Ms. Mahon's Craft Club

In Term One some of our 4th class children decided to try out some knitting. They really enjoyed it and made some very cute Owls!

Some of our 5th and 6th class pupils joined our after school craft club in term one. They were very imaginative and made lots of skillful creations which involved sewing, painting and upcycling. Here are some of their completed projects.


1st Class Art June 2016

Mrs. Mc Nea's Class made lovely butterfly pictures and models.


Mrs. O' Shea's 1st Class are very proud of the lovely plates they made
at the Clay Cafe during their recent school tour.

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Knitting Club

This year some of the 3rd and 4th class pupils joined our after school knitting club. We knitted bunnies, hairbands, purses, owls and bunting. Here are some of our completed projects. We enjoyed it very much!


Happy Mother's Day!

Mrs. Mc Nea's 1st Class made lovely birds for their Mums for Mother's Day.

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1st Class Art 2016

Mrs. Mc Nea's 1st Class enjoy doing art projects.
Here are some pictures of their work from Christmas and from St Valentine's Day.

5th Class Construction work and Pizzas!

Ms. Nestors 5th Class have been very busy making models.

When all the models were completed they made pizzas to celebrate!!!



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St. Valentine's Day 2015.

Ms. Nestor's fifth Class made love bugs for Valentine's Day.
They also painted animals in the style of Piet Mondrian.

Mrs. Mc Nea's 3rd Class made Valentine flower holders and cards.

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Fifth Class Pottery

Ms. Nestor's 5th Class made some lovely pottery.

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First Class Art

Mrs. Mc Nea's First Class did lovely art projects during the year. Here are some samples of the beautiful work they did for Valentine's Day and for Mother's Day.


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Mother's Day 2013


Mrs. O' Shea's 4th Class made lovely handbags for their mums to celebrate Mother's day.




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Animation Workshops.

Our 3rd and 4th Class students have been studying animation with Ms. Ruth Flannelly of "Big Art Media". The children are really enjoying these workshops. Over the next few weeks we will upload their completed animated films.











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Easter Bonnets.

Mrs. O' Shea's 4th Class have been very busy making Easter Bonnets. They made their bonnets from recycled materials which were sourced at our local Resource Centre in Castlebar. They proudly displayed their Bonnets to the Junior Classes in a mini Easter Parade!








Making Easter bonnets

We made Easter bonnets this year with Mrs. Ryan, Sandra and our teacher , Mrs. O' Shea. I made a stylish top hat. First of all we went to the resource center in Castlebar. We got card & materials to make the bonnets. We wrapped the card to make it fit our heads. Then we made the top of the hat, the rim of The hat and we stuck It all together. Finally we decorated our Easter Bonnets. It was great fun. We showed our hats to some of the other classes.

By Jack

Making Easter Bonnets

We had to get cardboard to make the bonnets.We folded it around our heads. Next we stapled it. Then we got a flat piece of cardboard and put that on top of the hats. We stuck it on. Then we had to get material to put around our hats. Some people painted their hats to decorate them. Last but not least we modelled our bonnets. Today we had an Easter Parade. We are very proud of our brill Easter Bonnets!

By Nathan

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Community Games Art 2011

Most of the pupils in our school entered the recent Community Games Art and Modelling Competition. Well done to the children who won at local level. These children will participate in the County Finals in Breaffy on Friday, April 22nd.




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2nd Class Pottery


Mr. Glennon's 2nd Class have been busy making models of animals during their art class.



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Art Activities, 2009-2010


Community Games Art Competition 2010

Well done to all the children who took part in this year's Comunity Games
art competition. A special congratulations to the children who will represent
Mayo in the National Finals at the end of May.

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Shrove Tuesday

On Shrove Tuesday some of the classses in our school made pancakes. Here are some pictures taken by the children in Mr. Walsh's Class.








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St. Valentine's Day Art.

Mrs. O' Shea's 1st Class made lovely cards and gifts for their parents for
St. Valentine's Day





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St. Brigid's Day 2010

The Senior classes helped the younger children to make crosses for St. Brigid's Day.




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Art Activities, 2008-2009


5th Class made these very interesting portraits with their teacher, Mr. Moran.


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St. Patrick's Day

We made badges, puppets, cards, hats and flags to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


Ms. Fergus' 1st Class get ready for the parade!


The Infant Classes made hats.

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Shrove Tuesday

On Shrove Tuesday lots of the classses in our school made pancakes. Here are some pictures taken by the children in Mrs. O'Shea's Class and in Mr. Walsh's Class.





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The wintery weather inspired all the classes to work on a snow theme. We did pottery, painting and paper craft.

2nd Class clay construction.


All the Infant Classes painted snowmen pictures!

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Library Visit, October 2008.

As part of The Childrens Book Festival 2008, some of our classes visited workshops
at Castlebar Library.
First Class took some pictures to remind them of their visit.




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Valentines Day 2009

All the classes made beautiful cards and crafts for St. Valentines Day. Some even made cookies!

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1st Class Houses.

First Class recently constructed these beautiful gingerbread Houses.





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As part of the autumn theme the Infant Classes painted and constructed hedgehogs.






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Infant Paintings.



6th Class construction Work.

6th class made these beautiful models using clay. Their 3D pictures are based on famous Irish Paintings.This work took place over 4 art lessons.












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6th Class Puppet Making!


6th class had tremendous fun making thes puppets with their teachers, Mr. Grealis and Mrs. Ryan.











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Credit Union Poster Competition 2008

Well done to all the children from Breaffy N.S. who participated in the recent Credit Union Poster Competition.





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Liz Harkins' Art Studio 2007

6th Class recently visited Liz Harkins at her art studio in Westport.
They were thrilled to get the opportunity to work with such a talented artist.
They had a fantastic day with Liz. They produced many beautiful art works under Liz's expert guidance.

Thank You Liz!





Art Exhibition 2006

On Tuesday, December 19th 2006, there was great excitement in Breaffy N.S.!

After much preparation we had the official opening of our first Art Exhibition.Each child in the school had a piece of art on display. The School Hall was packed as all our families and friends turned out to view and purchase our masterpieces!

As the images below show it was a most enjoyable evening.


















Community Games Art Competition 2005


Well done to all the children who competed in the recent Community Games Art Competition.

Congratulations to Niamh and Billy who go on to Represent Mayo
at the National Finals in Mosney in August.


Below are pictured the children who won medals at local level in The Community Games Art Competition.




Mayo Finals

Congratulations to all the children who won medals at the Mayo Finals!

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Balla Feis

Well done to all the children who participated in this year's Balla Feis Art Competition.