What a Player!



This year we have a new coach. His name is Kevin. This year we have been doing drills. Our favourite is soloing up and down the yard. We don't play hurling for Mitchel's. We might join this year. We go hurling every Wednesday. Most of the time we play a match. We usually play midfield. The one bad thing is that you can't solo. But we still like hurling.
By Darragh Coll and Dylan Ralph 

My name is Noe I am eleven years old, from Cameroon and this is my story about football and me.
When I started playing football I was five years old. My uncle was a manager in an under 12 team. I used to travel with them and when I reached 7 I started playing matches. That year I won my fist Cup in 2002. After that I was taken for a football club school. I stayed there for three years and learned more about football. After a month I was the best player in my class and we won the school tournament and I was picked to play for the college team and we lost in the semi-final for the third time in three years. They were many good players there and I played more then 30 competitions before I moved to Ireland.
It was very hard for me here to start with because of the weather but it didn't take me long to go out and play. After a month I had a new friend called Darragh, shared with my brother Thierry, who was here before me. He helped me to join Castlebar Celtic in March. The first medal I got was with the school team , last year's Ribena team. That medal changed everything for me because my Dad used to be a professional footballer. That afternoon he told me about soccer in Ireland that's when I realised it might be good for me to play. The second medal I got was for Castlebar Celtic.
I have been very successful at soccer and so have all the teams I have played for. I have played many important games but never lost one of them. I have played six competitions and haven't lost one of them. I am a midfielder and would like to play for Liverpool. I have played many good matches but the best of all was the All Ireland Community games in Mosney. I have been picked for the Mayo team and I will like to improve much more. My dream is to play for Ireland and Liverpool.

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