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Happy Christmas Everyone! Stealing from Santa
One December Santa was getting ready for Christmas. However there was one person who didn't like Christmas and his name was Dr. Evil. He was making a robot that looked just like Santa. He was going to program it to ruin Christmas. It was the week before Christmas and Santa was getting the presents ready for the children. While Dr. Evil was getting his robot ready to kill Santa, Rudolph got the flu. The robot Santa came to the toyshop in a snowmobile. It broke down the door and tied up all the elves, Mrs. Claus and Santa. The robot went outside and took over the sleigh, but he couldn't make it fly because Rudolph had the flu. That gave Santa some time to free himself. He used his magic to untie the ropes. Then Santa came out again, used his magic and blew up the robot. But then he checked the time and found he only had four hours to give out all the presents. Will he make it in time? Once upon a time there were two boys named Kevin and Mark. They believed in Santa but they were so bold and stubborn that they never got any toys, but they got a years supply of coal. Their Mam was very mad about this but as I already told you they were very stubborn. In a weeks time they were planning to travel to the North Pole to steal presents from Santa. They were going to travel by plane, but the big risk was if their Mam saw them packing she would “ground” them for a month. So they planned it very well, they were going to pack in the middle of the night. It was the day before Christmas Eve when they finally arrived in the North Pole. They found a sleigh and decided to use it as their weapon to steal from Santa. They broke into Santa’s workshop and stole as many presents as possible. Santa heard them and came down to see who was intruding. They hopped out and got away in the sleigh. They slept in it for a night when they heard Santa trudging up in the snow. They had a big chase and ended up in the Sahara Desert.
  Santa’s Kingdom
Santa’s kingdom is at Goffs in Kildare. You had to go by bus to a shuttle to get there.. There were elves all over the place. Most of them were working in the workshop. One was asleep and was messing about. We saw the reindeersAs well. We got our picture taken with Santa as well. We went into Santa’s house as well. Mrs Claus said she was hiding all the chocolate from Santa because he woudn’t eat his bruselsprouts. There Was a huge slide there called the snow slide.
The trap was nearly set. Santa will walk through the sitting room door. He’ll trip over the wire, landing on the ground. He will grab hold (Hopefully) of another rope, but this rope is tied to a sack of potatoes. He will pull down the potatoes which will land on top of him. The weight of Santa and the potatoes will be too much for the wooden floor which will break open. All I needed to do now was to set the other wires. These wires be holding up an old fishing net, which will fall on top of the man in the big red suit. Done!at last! 4:00 AM. Christmas morning. According to sources who do not wish to be named Santa will soon be here. 4:30 am. Boom! Get a bigger chimney, you nincompoop! Said a voice. There was a sound of neighing from the roof. Keep quiet, you stupid reindeer, said the voice. I heard the sitting room door open. What the! Shouted the voice. Owwwwwww! Oh, good thing this rope is here. What! noooooooo! Oh that hurt, said the voice. Crackkkk! Oh deary me! ahhhhhh!

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