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Local Papers Commentary

Connaught Telegraph - 15th May 2002
By Declan Holmes
May 16, 2002, 03:47

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The picture of success

Ernie Sweeny has campaigned to put photos of the candidates on the ballot papers. He was rewarded for his 20 year efforts when the first ballot papers were printed for this year's general election. It is reckoned that up to 40,00 people in this country have literacy problem and the photos will make it easier for these people to vote.

Young people and the Internet - Information Evening for Parents

An information evening will be held on Tuesday 21st May 2002 at 8:00pm at the Mayo Education Centre (Next to Galway Mayo Institute of Technology) on the issue of "Young People and the Internet". The guest speaker will be Maria Quinn, Director of the Castlebar Chamber of Commerce, who has considerable expertise and knowledge in the field of computer applications. She will discuss practical measures that can be taken to ensure that Internet-based resources are used effectively and safely by young people.

Council considers action over Convent demolition

Castlebar Town Council regarded the Convert of Mercy Building, Rock Square Castlebar as a building of historical interest worthy of preservation. They had made a provision for the preservation of the building in the town draft Development Plan and they are considering taking action over the demolition. There had been two fires in the Convent recently, and Garda Superintendent Joe Staunton stated that "the building was in a much more dangerous condition after the last fire".

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Local Papers Commentary
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