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Local Papers Commentary

Western People - 2 October 2002
By Declan Holmes
Oct 2, 2002, 16:50

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FF Councillor Calls for Nice boycott
Fianna Fail County Councillor Brian Golden has called on the people of North Mayo to boycott the Nice Referendum. The councillor called for a boycott to demonstrate the annoyance of the electorate at the Taoiseach’s failure to appoint a Senator to the North Mayo area.

IFA-funded report finds farmers not guilty of polluting Lough Conn
The North west Regional Fisheries Board and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have ‘rubbished’ the findings of a new review of the Lough Conn Report which claims that farming is not the main source of phosphorus entering the lake. Mr John Mulqueen, who was contracted by a senior Irish Farmers Association (IFA) leader, found that farming is not responsible for any of the lake's problems (shoreline algal scums and the collapse of the trout population) and suggests instead that contaminants from the Crossmolina sewage scheme are mainly responsible for the decline in water quality in Lough Conn.

Drunken thugs spoil journey to Croke Park
Youngsters out of their minds with drink have been blamed for ruining the train journey from Westport to the Ladies football final on Sunday. One caller to the Tommy Marren Show on Mid-West told how a youth from South Mayo, no more that 15 years of age, was in danger of losing his life after drinking a bottle of vodka.

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Local Papers Commentary
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