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Swimming News - Sligo Invitation 'A' Gala
By Linda Mc Caffrey
Oct 28, 2002, 18:32

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Sligo Invitation 'A' Gala
Castlebar Swimming Club competed at the Sligo Invitation 'A' Gala on Saturday 26th October. Clubs in the region from Athlone, Aughagower, Enniskillen, Falcon, Galway, Longford and Tuam were represented
All four strokes were swum on the day but swimmers were confined to two individual strokes each. There were 41 events in total and the Castlebar swimmers had another good day. Highlights from the day were two Golds from Darragh Quinn, and a quality swim by the Senior Boys 4x50m Medley Relay and to top off the day an exciting victory in final event the Jumbo Relay.

Individual Medal Winners
Boys U15 100m Back Crawl and Boy s U15 100m Fly Darragh Quinn
Boys Senior 100m Back Crawl Colm Garrick
Boys Senior 100m Fly Jimmy Wiseman

Boys Senior 100m Back Crawl and Boys Senior 100m Breast Stroke Cian Holland
Boys U11 100m Breast Stroke James Sweeney
Girls U15 100m Fly Zoe Davis
Boys Senior 100m Free Ciaran Garrick

Boys Senior 100m Back Crawl Ciaran Garrick
Girls Senior 100m Back Crawl Ciara McGowan
Boys U13 100m Breast Stroke Fergus Sweeney
Girls U13 100m Breast Stroke Sarah Caulfield
Boys U15 100m Breast Stroke Anthony English
Boys Senior 100m Breast Stroke Dara Dever
Girls U13 100m Fly Aisling Bourke
Boys U11 100m Free James Sweeney
Boys Senior 100m Free Colm Garrick

A number of other swimmers swam well on the day to qualify for finals as follows:
Boys U/13 100m Back Crawl Patrick Wiseman 4th place
Boys Senior 100m Back Crawl Jimmy Wiseman 4th place
Boys U11 100m Breast Stroke James Caulfield 4th place
Girls U15 100m Breast Stroke Sarah Wiseman 4th place
Boys Senior 100m Breast Stroke Michael Walls 4th place
Girls Senior 100m Breast Stroke Jill McGee 4th place
Boys U13 100m Fly Conal Joyce 4th place
Girls Senior 100m Fly Ciara McGowan 4th place
Boys U15 100m Free Anthony English 4th place
Boys Senior 100m Free Michael Walls 4th place
Girls U11 100m Free Emma Hynes 5th place
Girls U11 100m Breast Stroke Emma Hynes 5th place
Boys U11 100m Fly Nicholas Quinn 5th place
Boys Senior 100m Free Dara Dever 5th place

Team Medal Winners
The team events also brought success with some exciting races the following were the Team Medal Winners:
Senior Boys 4x50m Medley Relay; Cian Holland, Darragh Quinn, Colm Garrick, Ciaran Garrick

Boys U15 4x50m Medley Relay; Conal Joyce, Patrick Wiseman, Anthony English, Darragh Quinn.
Senior Boys 4x50m Medley Relay; Dara Dever, Jimmy Wiseman, Michael Walls, Anthony English.

Girls U15 4x50m Medley Relay; Avril Egan, Sarah Caulfield, Sara Wiseman, Zoe Davis
Senior Girls 4x50m Medley Relay; Jill McGee, Zoe Davis, Ciara McGowan, Sara Wiseman

The highlight of the day was the final event when a great team effort brought victory in the Jumbo Relay, the team was
James Sweeney, Emma Hynes, Conal Joyce, Sarah Wiseman, Elenor Grier Gavin, Jill McGee, Darragh Quinn and Cian Holland.

This gala was good preparation for the forthcoming designated 'A' gala to be held in Tuam on the 8-9th of November.

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