Snow Day 1 in Castlebar

Two days after Christmas it snows in Castlebar! Does this count as a white Christmas? We took the camera out to record the event as snow is getting pretty rare these days with global warming and all that. As usual you can click on individual photos to enlarge them. Click on Snow2 and Snow3 for more.


The snow was just starting to build up on the Mall when this photo was taken about 11am: still some green visible.

Traffic still able to move around the town - It's still very quiet after Christmas and not too many shops open.


Getting heavier - this one outside John Hanleys on Station Road

Down at Lough Lannagh there is a thin veneer of ice on the surface. No sign of Croagh Patrick today.

Big fluffy snowflakes clearly visible with a high shutter speed. If you look carefully you can see a swan on the lake.

The Lough Lannagh walk looking pretty as the snow builds up.




A man carries a bale of hay to feed his animals



Photos taken 27 December 2000 in Castlebar


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