Turlough Heritage Day 2001

Photos taken 5 August 2001 in Turlough Village and Turlough House
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DSC02944-01 DSC02945-01 DSC02947-01 DSC02948-01 DSC02949-01 DSC02950-01
Metalwork CRCFM Guinea Fowl Guinea Fowl Round Tower Bar Straw Boys
DSC02951-01 DSC02953-01 DSC02954-01 DSC02955-01 DSC02956-01 DSC02957-01
Spinning Forge Cake Sale Metal Craft Crowds Morris Minor
DSC02958-01 DSC02959-01 DSC02960-01 DSC02961-01 DSC02962-01 DSC02963-01
Ring the Bell Bouncy Castle Fowler 75 Go Kart Prize Steam Roller Speedway
DSC02964-01 DSC02965-01 DSC02966-01 DSC02967-01 DSC02968-01 DSC02969-01
Ducks Racing End of Line Runners Up Duck Chaser On the Bridge Finishing Line
DSC02970-01 DSC02972-01 DSC02973-01 DSC02974-01 DSC02975-01 DSC02976-01
Museum and Lake Old Stables New and Old Lake and Trees New Museum Folk Life Building
DSC02977-01 DSC02978-01 DSC02979-01 DSC02980-01 DSC02981-01 DSC02982-01
Old Beech New and Old Overview Turlough House Museum House Front
DSC02983-01 DSC02984-01 DSC02985-01 DSC02986-01 DSC02987-01 DSC02988-01
1865 To Greenhouse Restored Lean-to Turlough House New Greenhouse Tropical
DSC02989-01 DSC02990-01 DSC02991-01
Across Gardens Gully Maze Get Down

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