Tilting at Windmills at Castlebar's new Wind Farm at Burren


Tilting at Windmills? Marching down the hills above Castlebar... the windmills are coming!

You may have noticed the white towers that recently appeared in the hills above Castlebar. On Sunday 16 July 2000 we visited Martin Crean's land above Burren Castlebar where five new windmills are being erected.
White towers in the distance.


If you look to the North you will see them. Click to enlarge

Getting closer.

The road collapsed beneath the crane so they have been unable so far to hoist the blades atop the towers. The public road was unable to support the huge cranes needed to complete the job.

On the final approach. They are just over the brow of the hill....



Photos taken on 16 July 2000 on the road to the Burren Wind Farm, Castlebar

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