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butch- " What's in a name?", Casius to Casca

Posted by Butch!. on March 01, 2005 at 05:38:54:

I apologise "Royal" for interupting,I have to straighten somthing out here real quick ,and then i'll get out of your threadway. Everything!!, is the correct answer. Were not the Gospels written by Mathew,Mark ,Luke, and John!?. Does anybody know their last names?. How many nicknames of people in Castlebar?.And by the very mention of that PARTICULAR name does not then, the listner,know EXACTLY from head to toe whom indeed that person IS without any doubt!. I saw john the other day!, john doe??. My old friend still surviving,walking in and out of town every day,swimmer, footballer,poet,many of you know him- "Skipper".Another friend from days gone by, whose folkes owned a pub between Stabal and Lucan streets, "Bluffer". The red-headed, freckel-faced soccer pro, from St Patrick's terrace, "Pol a Wala". From Lucan St the daredevil himself the "Nacker". Around the corner and up main ST. on the left hand side
MR. incorrigable, "Squinty". Continuing on up the street on the right hand sidejust down from J.B.'s corner,the heir of a thriving buisness,consistent champion swimmer of Connaught, our very own cassanova, "Scinty". "Benji" took over the bicycle shop besides Plunkett's, after his Uncle ted passed away, I did'nt know him by any other name!.In "Joxer's Era", a chap called "Slipper".He changed mine out loud on public streets to "Budgierygar",champion post 'Time Gentlemen pleasze'- brawler,"Tom Tom".He tried to quiten the raucous classroom, by a complicated digital snaping of his knuckles, it did'nt work!,R.I.P. "Birdy". He injected vitality into our lives. In order to get to the top one must climb the mountain, R.I.P. "Gussie". I got mine when
I was an infant,and could'nt afford an attorney!!.On "Board" here and aboard,just a few that are part of the furniture at "M,"Mogli, Bowser,Que, Bill Door, Muirsin Durcan, Ould Stock,Slink,I am not Ahem,Tempus, M.M.JDP,UTP, Royal,Murrisk,Spiceloft,. In closing please fill in the gaps.I realize, that I touched only the tip of the Iceberg. Dwell on those smiles,all telling descriptive,quirky, funny,names that you remember, for another day's posting. Contribute to the continuity of the latest 'String',by 'Royal". AS FOR ME I ALWAYS PUT A CAPITOL ON A PERSONAL NOUN, ME OWN INCLUDED!.Slainte a cairde,is mise le meas ,Bushta.

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