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Re: Potato gun

Posted by Lignator on September 21, 2005 at 23:51:00:

In Reply to: Re: Potato gun posted by gt on September 19, 2005 at 06:36:21:

Ah! The age of innocence. The spud gun was a favourite weapon with which to ambush ya mates with. But there were others. Does anybody remember the matchstick gun that shot a spent match about twenty yards. To get one of those in the ear was quite painful as was a pea from a home made pea shooter. Sling shots and catapults were also great fun, made out of a fork chopped from a hawthorn bush with quarter inch elastic attached to propel a small round pebble from a leather pouch. Highly effective in well trained hands for knocking game bird's over very quietly, particularly when they had been inebriated with port/rum soaked raisins. A catapult was also good for the ocassional rabbit or hare but ya had to practice. If the police or a keeper caught you, you would certainly have the weapon confiscated and could have been done for poaching.
No body seemed to mind knocking over a few grey quirrels, rats or pigeons as they were considered vermin. Another effective weapon we made as kids was a slim hawthawn stick to which we would attach at the end a piece of clay. A sharp flick of the arm would send the missile on its way over a fair distance and when it connected with the target it gave out a most satifying 'whump'

One last thought. Does anybody remember Wyat Earp's replica Bntline special revolver. the one with the long, long barrel and a six shot chamber loaded with blank silver bullets, which you could put explosive caps in to make em go bang. Guaranteed to frighten little old ladies and wind the dogs up, while you had a running, shouting, screaming gun fight on the way to the dairy for earkly morning milk. Happy childhood!

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