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Re: Back Again?

Posted by Butch on June 15, 2008 at 12:10:18:

In Reply to: Re: Back Again posted by Murrisk on June 14, 2008 at 02:32:59:

"The Celtic Pussy" Whilst cruising a lazy river some eleven years ago that meanderd thro' the small town of Waswau Wisconsin U.S.A., I overheard cousin Danny remark to Uncle Tim that Ireland produced more computer software than any other country in the world. Consequently, Ireland became a finiancial force to be reckoned with,and was duly dubbed by some wag,a swagering nickname to brag about ;"The Celtic Tiger.", Fair deuce. Butt,as time passed, it became apparent to me that all was not well in timbuctwo. Bitterness seeped thro' the main BB as the gap between the choosen and those in the feather plucking chicken factory became so wide that neither the twain would meet. Not everybody gets to talk as sweet as honey, or under stand words like 'Hiatus'. The human jungle ecosystem is not equal. It is proven to be bitterly unfair. Thus so in buisness,as our drooling metaphorical tiger drops his LLama dinner into the hands of the Rajh. if you own a compaq-HP PC and dial their 1-800 tech support you WILL be talking to a person in India. So, they got the buisness! . When you snooze you lose!. What is infuriating about this major fiscal lose, is; that a working knowledge of a computer is NOT the main pre-requisite for employment,rather the ability to be versed in the queen's english. Why don't they want you to know that you are speaking to a person living in Callcuta, or New Delihi?. Becase because because.... You are, the most loqacious,eloquent, people on the planet. I spent five miserable minutes in University,it was a cold place. I spent four years in College I cannot recall ANYONE I could call a friend. Here(.ie), on the Nostalgia Board I found a home, friends from Castlebar primary School and more.To keep me honest all you daft, funny,insane no mercy,intelligent,cats on this 'MAIN Bulliten Board' ,without equal anywhere!. This is no mere 'website'. It is a place where people come to visit ,to chat, to cruise the visual panorama, to seek ,to argue, to 'Say Something!' From Adelaide Australia to Auaghower Co. Mayo. To divide this treasure of incredible diversity into molecular parts will DESTROY IT. To banish the "B.B." to 'Castle Barie' to a folorn desolate place, Van Diemen's land . Surrounded, by a murky moat where sharp toothed,shark suited, solicitors swim endlessly warding off litigious Philladelphians. Alas for the fate of the Nostalgia Board , perhaps a minimum security facility on the Bayou.Severing the backbone of, will of course make it a graveyard,a place to visit once in a blue moon to pay one's respects.

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