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Re: Renew and Rejoice''St Francis';'Duck Eggs for ye,another re-deux for yo

Posted by Butch on July 19, 2009 at 19:15:11:

In Reply to: Re: Renew and Rejoice''St Francis';'Duck Eggs for ye,another re-deux for yo posted by Lignator on July 18, 2009 at 20:30:35:

"The Quiet Man" was a not so quiet movie. The "Quiet Man" on the N.B. is 'Lignator',after reading some five years of his postings,I realise that we have been remiss in not acknowledging, a genuine gentleman. Friendly, polite, posting, encouraging,positive,thoughtfull,complimentary,REPLIES.Once in a blue moon we come across the real Mcoy, the genuine article. So,Mr John Wood (lignator;Latin for "Wood Cutter" a medieval artesian),a rennaisance man.However a crack in his armour ,acatholic conservative might murmur. Against the edicts of "Vatican II" likes to attend mass celebrated in latin. If the current leader of the R.CC., a staunch conservative were to peruse the N.B. he might decide to excomunicate, the heritical 'Wood Cutter'.However not unlike the hedge schools secret masses that the faithfull of Ireland kept in continuum during the penal days,latin masses are celebrated all over the globe,well at least in a church two miles from where i live!!.And "Beno" turns a blind eye,as the wording probably read ,not banned,rather not approved. If homosexuality is banned by Rome,then the facts plainly refute that.Not allowed ,not condoned,once again clashes with the reality of the enormity of the gay population world wide.covering the entire spectrum of occupational employment ,from plumber to politician, from priest to pediatrician,Male and Female,a wall of power, atempestous play of passion and confusion. Adding to the denial of their religous rights,the physical zealots vent their venom on the 'Fags ,and the Dykes'And whats on my plate?Well, Beno and I are going into the ring,because he accused my idol and mentor Mr. Bob Dylan of being a false prophet,I took umbrage to his judgement and intend to take him to task on the matter. As I believe it is outside the realm of dogma I am not bound by Papal Edict,no theological advisers lean over my shoulders. I have no one to advise me except my gut conscience. To those close to the Polish Pope, they called him Papa,this is what he said;" We must restore a sense of hope and trust. Hope is not a naieve optimisim that the future will be necceserarly bettor than the past,rather a fruitfull result of responsible action nurtured in concience". If zzzzzzzzzzzzz is around ,please forgive my woefull spelling,and the fact that the Pope's quote is absolute verbatim, it is not ,I recite from memory,but the gist of it is correct.For my upcoming bout against the ultimate in clout,I shall follow Tom Brennan's advice,be firm but courteous. And no doubt no one here believes I shall even get my shadow past the swiss guards. It is the most verbally daunting political barrier in the world,"excuse me sir is the pope in?" This then has been the wood cutters lament,a plea for John Wood to come out from behind the pulpit and tell us a story long or short, true and true. For you are rich in spirituality Wood Cutter,of all the occupations that contribute to this unique medium,and they are many and diverse,and reversal of a spiraling regression is required now.So come forward Lignator and tell us a wee bit about yourself,where were you born?what was life like for you?Are you able to recite any of Rafteiri's poems in Gaelig. I am not so sure that you are aware of how many people visit this particular site just to read and enjoy the palaver,celtic people from all over the globe, at least one or two every month!!. Go ask a moderator on the QT via e-trans.I wish to thank you personally for your exhortations to publish,so that those who are coming next will have a visual education of how a nervous alter boy mumbled the "De Profundis" and lip synched the latin responses, rang bells at the wrong time, wnet left instead of right,tried to pawn off the water and wine to a grim Deacon of divinity, like Fr. Faire, or worse Fr Nohilley, entrenched in reading the gospel or 'reciting the alphabet',alter bar was'nt open yet,I was petrified.How I tangled up the monstronse in a disray of chains at benediction, as the unchristianlike glare from the eyes of the priest bored thro' my soul.Ah but I prayed for FR Tuhey, he could say the mass faster then Roger Bannister ran the mile. His mumblings of the liturgy matched the cadence of my own responsive mumblings,as we winged the process down to the minimum, ring the bells ,water and wine. Anyone for bread? no! ok! be happy don't worry, god bless .bye bye. I was honoured to sing in the choir under the tutelage of the charismatic Fr Shannon. Bob Marley says that everybody thinks the great God in the sky will come down and make everybody high!,fat chance,Mr Marley says "Say Somthing"Have you read Thro Fagans Gates yet Mr Wood, if not ,holler, I'll send you my copy,if not I have a copy of the parish magazine u can have,also Mayo anthology.So lignator I bid you fond adieu, I hope you take this piece in the spirit it was exhorte you to step up to the plate as an active,rich,contributer, and be an integral part this great group of people that make memory of the past a vital ingredient towards the success of the future, Vaya Con Dios.

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