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Welcome to Castlebar's Nostalgia Board:

The Castlebar Bulletin Board is intended as a forum for informative and/or light-hearted contributions from anyone with an interest in any matters related to Castlebar. It must not be used to publish, display or advertise any material which may be defamatory, offensive, abusive, obscene, pornographic or illegal. Material may be removed without notice. Certain words and phrases may be blocked automatically on attempting to post. Castlebar Information Age Town Ltd. is not responsible for views expressed by contributors and cannot accept any responsibility for any consequences arising from material posted on this site. Contributors are responsible for their own postings and any consequences arising therefrom. Please note also that the web server logs IP addresses of all contributions, as is normally the case on web sites. Should you find a contribution to be offensive you may contact the site at info@castlebar.ie.

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