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Re: Josie Bourke's Garage

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Posted by Butch on December 27, 2004 at 07:16:48:

In Reply to: Re: Josie Bourke's Garage posted by MM on December 24, 2004 at 21:30:37:

As I had originally planned to respond to this particular post, but had gotten mentally lazy,I wish to thank you M.M. for your linkerbacker. The posting as you mentioned M.M. did not gander much attention. Probably due to the fact that the snapshot was not blowupable, so I put a glass to it,and venture the following; the car on the left, prior to the garage entrance,is either a ford anglia or prefect. Two cars on the other side; the one with the plates on the boot,is a 'Morris O'xford!?,two cars ahead of it, is a 'Morris Minor' I'll wager, or more parochially known as 'the Mid-wife special'.With the type of petrol pumps,easily visible,used at that time,would certainly put the photograph taken somewhere in the fifties, as surmised by the poster. In view of Patrick (Paddy!)Bourkes,post-request, the photo now becomes a 'sleeper'. Josie Bourkes garage was a main ford dealership in the west of Ireland,and seeing as the main ford plant was in Dagenham England,and not yet built in Cork. One goes on a trip to 'Blighty' to attempt to narrow the year, the snap waas taken. An E-TRIP I.E. oops sorry did'nt mean to shout, but if you have something to shout about, then flautitout if ya feel like it. The automobile on the left side parked in front of 'Caulfields (dentist's house!?)is very identifiable?....anyone?, I shall return shortly,not to shout, but to share. And if I wish to emphasis,accent,highlight, to ensure recognition,priority or importance,and how I feel, I usually engage the taller case key!. We are only cliquish, when everyone is firing on all four cylinders,gelling and CLICKING!!!! Clucking, yes there you are, CLUCKING!. Wer'e just a clutch of hens clucking,pluckin,and apeckin, Slan libh a cairde, is 'Mise Peadar An Cearc'.

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