"Murrisk for Chairman of the Board"

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Posted by Butch on February 03, 2001 at 00:22:06:

Forgive me fellow boarders for interrupting your conversation, ac ta fearg ormsa ar an am seo, let me explain what happened. Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from one of our contributors, I! am sure he won't mind me mentioning his name one Patrick John Mac Gillacudy you all know him I'm sure! Well naturally I was Delairea to hear from him after so many years, that I wrote back to him a long lengthy reply which was deleted by my servant , Ned Scape, ah sure says I! not a bother I will write another one in the morning when I am rested and calmed down I had just finished a longer and more wordier re-reply when it took just five seconds for that damm blasted servant of mine to wipe it all out again! Apparently he had been out in the pubs around Claremorris drinken pints with some por ould blind bugger called Rafteri,any way he's out on his arse right now, the two of them can feck off to East Mayo for all I care where they can carry on their jigs and reels and porter .Ibet they were init tgether, I'm missin som o' me poems too!. Anyway if you don't mind i'd like to use your man to carry my letter . Maybe yous could go into the kitchen for a wee bit ,have a cup of tea ,and I will be done in two shakes of a lambs tale,ta Dear Paddy , it has occurred to me that the gap between us now is not as much as it was back then. As I have five years! on you but much less than "Tempus' so does my brother on me . He used to pal around with Peter Cawley and Jimmy Tierney and I! with Noel Cawley and we were forever catching up to them always following them they were older, therefore "superior" ( the pecking order in the shed at St Geralds). One summers day I remember they led us on a trail that covered ten miles through the fields of Snugboro thro farms ,over ditches ,and swamps behind past Blackfort, coming in to St. Brigid's crescent (where later I used to pal around with Gabriel Nevin during the year I spent at St Geralds, who had a brother that was killed in Vietnam,and Christy ..... at first I thought Tynan was his last name he had red hair I think his father used to travel a lot , remember Christy Ring all Ireland champion ?)
Sometimes the memory is jogged by the most seemingly insignificant of trivia so if you can think of any more "memory hooks" maybe that will awaken some dormant cells . You mentioned Mongey's ,I recently came across a photo of Seamas Mongey and one of the Mcnalleys' if I have the name correctly. McNally's lived one house up from Mongey's going wesht followed by Patten's now I got a letter from Eileen Patten and once again tought I had replied but you know who!, has absconded with the post . So Eileen if you happen to be reading this , I will mail you back "Quam Cellerrime" see!, Irish is not a ded language. On the matter of the bould Skipper McGough, remains an enigma, Skipper would always ask the same question of me and "everyman" ,of life ; Are you a partaker? Or a spectator? Skipper is alive and well and "emerges every night from his dwelling dressed like the C.E.O. of a major corporation" By the way what ever happened to his brother Peter? And what the heck is a coracle? Is it a boat? Now, down to the meat of the matter as it were,and that is the future of our foster child "The Nostalgia Board" like the dwindling supply of priests to tend the flock, so we, are few in numbers . The solution has been realized by Murrisk (perhaps not intentionally, nevertheless ,so) by his addition of history to the board thus creating an endless well from which all members can draw on and add to. This potential will now give depth to the board thus allowing it to survive ,this thesis is based on the premise that ALL things! Are "connected" .In this way strangers and "Friends of Ireland " and humanity may contribute and it would remain for us to form a link, albeit a tenuous one to Main St Castlebar . I have given this matter some thought and at first I thought we should create a "History Board" but that would dilute our already thin ranks and would create eggsclusivism . This way will be more funner as my daughter would say but then she didn't go to St Angela's . Of course Murrisk's grasp of the genre is enviable, nevertheless a challenge to go and larn som more, to solicit friends and contacts and invite them to join our cause to blindly go where no fool has gone before. I for one will be spending the next few months researching for gallic friends that have become disconnected . I have been in touch with My Uncle in Chicago whose memories of Castlebar and Ireland are prodigious , not to mention his Brother in Dublin who insists on effort to recall and relearn he is also a Castlebar fan, how about a few stories from him!.If you have any doubt about how deep the well goes, just take a gander at the "Castlebar Roots" B, and view the inquiry's that come from all over the globe I would sincerely hope that these enquiry's are met or responded too otherwise apathy and atrophy start to set in .So saddle your mouse and take a ride over to your "roots' , point the way , " Salt lake city" U.S.A. Slan leat a phadraig , oh by the way I'm looking forward to getting those duck eggs ! and that "Trout" was delicious. Thanks very much folkes for letting me use the facility's i will join you on the steps of Brady's -Parsons by and by .

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