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Posted by Butch on May 25, 2001 at 04:13:59:

In my recent sojourn back thro the board I came across a few gems and queries .If you have not read Murrisks "Finally home- from afar" posted on March 29th, @12:25:42: and part two same day @18:46:18: then do so, and if you have, enjoy it again. And on March 31st by Que @02:04:57: .I noticed that there was no reply to Max's news that "Jimmy Foy" has passed onwards. I have been gone so long that my recollection of certain people is hazy ,of Mr. Foy and Mr. Stantoun for example .If someone would be kind enough to to recount for me where they lived ,worked etc..... for instance if Tommy Stanton lost 25,000, on one weekend, but remained chipper, what, did he do ? Some time last year before I graduated to the N.B. I was floundering around on the main board one very inhebriated a.m. Someone had posted a list of people that they would not rather have around(permanently) real, or imagined, the previous day. That message was later purged.The latest message on the board was a request from someone abroad ,if any one had died that week in Castlebar and what were the latest death notices. Knowing full well that if the spelling police were around that morning I would be arrested for W.U.I.nevertheless my gander being up I replied with a short paragraph, under the name " Morry O Mortuary" whom , the following day, much to my astonishment was mistaken for a local named "Healy"? The nearest I can come to a date on this peece is last Summer. The film about Michael Collins prompted me to read all about the man,as I had heard the movie had stirred some controvarsy
back in the old country,now it seems that my revered Irish patriots "Robert Emmett" and "Padraig Pearse" are not fit to be sponsers of a boys football team,so I shall put aside my pulp fiction and head to the truth or dare section of la biblioteca My spoonfull of knowledge regarding these two men is apparently lacking.Now mind you I did not realise that "The McHales" were named after the Archbishop, but, because most of the players came from Mchale Rd. "Jim The Liar Barrett" and wife ....? past owners of Smiths Garage on Spencer St. described as characters though that was not the word used, I believe...were passed over with any further essay...if anyone could ...... I once bought a car from a man who upon raising the hood claimed it was very clean car as I stared down at a filthy black greasy engine , the power of persuasion paralysing preying,I bought the car ,it was a ford fairlane, stick shift on the column, the clutch burned up a week later.
Very common I was told later .I bought an upright piano once for fifty dollars ,paid one hundred dollars to have it moved ,it was one hundred years old , from Halifax ,Novia Scotia very old twas, then I read all about buying used piano's. OOPS. Did you know that the pressure on the strings of an upright piano is over two tons ,imagine that!. Last week one of my associates approached me to return a book, I had lent him, and he had it open at a certain page , "there is a great line in here" he exclaimed! " You mean the one about the lampost" I interupted. He stared at me, as if to ask how could I read his mind? Here is the selection, from "The Granny" by Brendan O Carroll; " By half- past midnight the two of them were standing outside Shakers nightclub. Dermot stood away from the door, leaninging against the lamp post, using the lamp post as most Irish men use history - for support rather than illumination."
Oiche Maith a cairde .Butch

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