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Remember the Tar?

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Posted by Tempus on June 26, 2003 at 22:41:47:

Coming home on Sunday from a visit to the outlaws and she who must be obeyed said "this warm weather reminds me of going to school and the tar melting on the road" remember? It always seemed to be sunny then or is it just our memories playing tricks on us? I can certainly remember getting the new pair of sandals, the shiny brown ones, with holes and straps, boys and girls were all the same. And the off white soles with the groves. And god help you if you walked into the tar, you stuck to everything and brought tar all over the place. Then on the bike if you got splashes of tar on your legs, or if you fell off, on your hands. Do you recall the hissing sound of the bike as it tried to travel through the melting tar? Did you ever get stuck in it? Coming home then and out with the butter paper and trying desperately to try and remove the cursed tar.
Johnny Scriney and his colleague, can't remember his name now, but I can picture him with the soft hat,trying his best to fix the potholes with huge barrels of tar with a kind of tap to release the tar into the black bucket with a long spout. All this was carried with a pile of small stones to cover the tar after it was poured into the hole in the road. The lot was transported around the town by Mr. O'Malley from Tawnacullawee, with his big horse and cart. In those days there always seemed to be lots of empty tar barrels about and to us kids at the time, we didn't think swiftly enough that they had actually contained tar, until it was too late and the damn stuff was everywhere.

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