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Boycott in Castlebar

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Posted by Royal on January 27, 2004 at 14:33:43:

We have all heard stories about various boycotts around the country & how the word 'boycott' came into being but it may not be known that in Castlebar at one stage, the practice of boycotting occured.
In the 1900's there lived in Spencer Street, in a building next to where Fitzgeralds Pharmist is/was ( and incidentally,where James Daly of Connaught Telegraph lived ),a man named Michael Staunton.He had in addition to being a publican,an extensive business which transported all types of parcels & goods, to and from the Railway Station.
Around this period the land agitation was reaching its peak and several farmers had being evicted in the C/bar rural area. Public meetings of protest had being proclaimed by Dublin Castle and the United Irish League ordered a boycott not only of the 'grabbers' but of all those who assisted the authorities in carrying out the work.
This Mr.Staunton in question also supplied the side-cars for the police attending the evictions, as well as for the constabulary who toured the locality to see that the proclaimations were obeyed.So began the boycott and individuals & traders refused to accept the railway parcels delivered by Mr.Staunton or his employees.
Eventually, the Railway authories dispensed with his services & his business dwindled and he had to sell off most if not all his side-cars until he finally ceased business.
It is unclear what became of him afterwards, except to say that it showed how powerful& effective "boycotting" was.

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